High school teen shocked by a 'promposal' from favorite team's mascot

Callie Quinn reached 500k retweets for prom pictures with her beloved NY Mets.

— -- Callie Quinn's prom dreams are coming true thanks to the support of the Twitterverse -- 500,000 retweets later.

The high school senior and die-hard Mets fan was shocked to find her the team's mascot standing in the lobby of her high school holding a bouquet of pink roses and a sign that read "Prom?" in a swirling, blue font.

The young fan was moved to tears.

"I had no clue they were going to do anything at all," Callie told ABC News. "I am really grateful they did this for me."

"I didn't have a prom date and all my friends were getting dates," Callie,a Staten Island native, said. "So I thought, 'You know what? I'm just going to reach out and see what happens.'"

After she reached her goal, the Mets organized a surprise at her high school by getting the teachers to invite Callie in for an "interview" on an off-day at school.

"All of my friends and teachers were there. They knew about it, and so did my parents," said Callie. "But no one told me!"

When Callie thought she was headed in for an interview about the viral tweet, she was instead shocked to be greeted with the crowd and Mr. Met, the Mets mascot, asking her to her senior prom.

"She reached her incredible goal! We can’t wait to host Callie at Citi Field on May 18,” wrote the Mets in a Twitter video.

Callie is hoping to meet one of her favorite players, pitcher Noah Syndergaard, when she heads to Citi Field in May.

In the meantime, Syndergaard pointed out a plot hole in Mr. Met's promposal on Twitter.

The challenge began when the lifelong Mets fan asked her team to be her date in a private message.

Then the team invited Callie to Citi Field, their home stadium in Queens, for prom photos but under one condition -- she had to get 500,000 retweets of that initial tweet.

"Let's do this," the Mets official Twitter account responded. "You get 500K RTs and we'll invite you to Citi Field on 5/18 to take your prom pics on the field before the game. We'll have a few players say hello and jump in some of those pics. Think you can do it? #CalliesMetsProm."

The New Dorp High School senior posted the exchange to the world on Jan. 19, hoping for the best. Eight days later, Callie reached 500,000 retweets.

"I think it's amazing the amount of support she's getting," said Ann Marie Varela, Callie's mom, of Twitter's response to her daughter's prom dream.

Callie comes from a family of Mets fans, and even her middle name, Shaye, was given to her in honor of the Mets' old home field, Shea Stadium, Varela added.

"I think it's awesome that everyone is rallying around it," Callie said. "My notifications have been going crazy."

The Mets said they will invite her on the field before the May 18 home game for prom photos with some of the players.

"We are looking forward to meeting with this passionate fan down the road," a Mets spokesperson told ABC News.

In fact, Syndergaard was among the Mets players, like pitcher Jerry Blevins and shortstop Matt Reynolds, to retweet Callie.

Other Mets, including newly acquired first baseman Adrián González and pitcher Josh Smoker, not only retweeted Callie, but called on others to support her goal as well.

"The William Shatner [retweet] is crazy," said Varela. "We are all joking that he's her biggest fan."

Following Callie's victory on Saturday, Shatner hinted at surprises in store for the young fan on Twitter.

The mascot Mr. Met used his Twitter account to spread the word about Callie's goal to rally retweets.

"I was planning on getting a blue one and that was before the Mets prom idea," said Callie. "So now I know I have to get one."