Olympian Sage Kotsenburg to Get Another Medal - Made of Bacon

Sage Kotsenburg got his wish for medals made of bacon.

ByBen Gittleson
February 18, 2014, 7:51 AM

Feb. 18, 2014— -- A week after a gold medalist snowboarder said he wished Winter Olympics medals were made of bacon, an American meat company did its best to make his dream come true.

Sage Kotsenburg, who on Feb. 8 scored the first gold medal of the Sochi Olympics, shared his meaty hope with the world two days after medaling.

Well, dreams do come true.

Pennsylvania-based Godshall's Meats over the weekend shaped turkey bacon to look like the medals given out in Sochi to honor the snowboarder's impressive moves on the slopes.

The company, which specializes in turkey products, said its leaner turkey bacon would be a good fit for Kotsenburg.

"It was just kind of a perfect storm, because this product is just geared toward athletes, people who are health conscious," Rob Godshall, a vice president and co-owner of the company, told ABC News today.

The company this morning sliced up a new version of the bacon medal made from one round slab of meat -- in contrast with the earlier iteration, which employees fused together from different pieces of bacon. It isn't making the medal-shaped meat commercially available.

To make the medal, workers used a steel-tip, wood-burning tool to etch the design from a projected image of the official Olympics award.

The company heard Kotsenburg would be in New York tonight, and it's racing against the clock to get a "bacon medal" in his hands.

"We're working on having somebody run it up to New York this morning," Godshall said.

There's photographic evidence Kotsenburg's had bacon on the mind on at least one occasion since his "bacon medal" tweet went viral.

It's not the company's first time carving symbols out of meat. It sells a turkey version of scrapple, the pork scraps product popular in eastern Pennsylvania, and has in the past gotten creative with it.

"We carved a Liberty Bell out of scrapple," Godshall said.

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