Remembering Mark Sanchez's Epic 'Butt Fumble' on Anniversary

It's been two years since the unforgettable Thanksgiving fumble.

— -- It has its own Wikipedia page, a Twitter account, T-shirts and even a song.

Two years later, fans are still talking about the infamous "Butt Fumble," and Thanksgiving marks the anniversary of Mark Sanchez's epic slam into the rear end of another player, causing him to fumble the ball in one of the funniest ways possible.

To refresh your memory, it was Nov. 22, 2012 when Sanchez, then a quarterback for the New York Jets, turned the wrong way on a handoff and smashed into teammate Brandon Moore's backside, losing the ball as he crashed to the ground, allowing the New England Patriots to score a touchdown. Here's a GIF:

The Patriots won the Thanksgiving game, 49-19.

Sanchez, now a quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, plays the Dallas Cowboys today, but fans can't seem to forget the #buttfumble:

The butt fumble even made an appearance this Halloween: