Two schools share title after 7 OTs


Sometimes seven is enough.

Ohio high schools Sylvania Northview and Cleveland St. Ignatius have been named ice hockey co-state champions after they played to a 1-1 draw after seven overtimes Saturday.

The shared title was agreed upon mutually by the head coaches, school administrators and Ohio High School Athletic Association administrators, the OHSAA said in a statement Saturday.

In high school hockey there is no shootout procedure. As a result, fatigued players led to the decision to call the game a tie.

"This is an opportunity to show that wins and losses, even in a state championship game, are not more important than player safety," the OHSAA said in a statement. "Had a player been seriously injured in the eighth overtime due to fatigue, the decision to allow the game to continue would have been seriously questioned more than the decision to end it."