Seahawks fan with tattoo confident

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January 31, 2014, 3:18 PM

&#151; -- Tim Connors insists that he won't be nervous on Sunday.

That's because the Seattle Seahawks fan, who had the team's logo along with "Super Bowl XLVIII Champs" tattooed on his arm in August, says he hasn't envisioned a scenario of the team losing to the Denver Broncos.

"I don't want to say they have it in the bag, but I'm pretty confident," Connors told this week.

When Connors strolled into Good Karma Body Art in Edmonds, Wash., this summer he talked with tattoo artist Lonnie Moon.  Moon, who has worked on Connors plenty of times before, wasn't sure he wanted to do this one.

"I originally told him, 'no, you are going to jinx the team,'" Moon said. "But given what has happened, I'm glad we went ahead with it."

For months, Connors' tattoo, which cost him $100, was a relative secret among his friends and those who he worked with at Trading Post Pawn & Gun in Bellingham, located about 90 miles north of Seattle.

"I thought nobody in the world would really care," Connors said.

But things changed when the local ABC affiliate, KOMO, shared Connors' story earlier this month after the team beat the New Orleans Saints to get into the NFC Championship Game. Pictures of the tattoo just above his right wrist went viral.

"I think some Seahawks fans were mad at me when they thought I had just got it," Connors said. "But when they realized I actually had it done in August, they kind of backed off."

The fame of the risky tattoo not only resulted in an appearance for Connors on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" this week, but also led to an all-expenses paid trip to the Super Bowl, including tickets to the game.

On Tuesday, a representative from Frito-Lay called the tattoo parlor to try to get in touch with Connors, who happened to be in the shop getting his latest tattoo featuring, believe it or not, the Golden Girls.

"The motto for Doritos is 'For The Bold,'" Frito-Lay spokesman Chris Kuechenmeister said. "We are rewarding consumers for the bold in their life and what Tim did was pretty bold."

On Friday, as Connors and his wife got ready to board a plane headed to New York, the Seahawks fan in him said he can't imagine his team not winning its first championship on Sunday.

"It could be that I'm just a stupid fan, but I just don't see them losing," Connors said.

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