Serena Williams wants Wimbledon to change seeding rules for returning moms

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June 27, 2018, 6:36 AM

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Serena Williams looks over at bite-sized Baked By Melissa cupcakes.

"Are those cupcakes from Melissa? Nooo! Nooo!" she says of the purple-and-white treats, smiling with restraint.

The tennis superstar, holder of a record 23 Grand Slam titles, refuses to deviate from her raw vegan diet, which she's known to adopt during tennis season.

After her highly anticipated return to tennis last month at the French Open, following the birth of her daughter, Williams, 36, has her eyes set on Wimbledon, which kicks off July 2. The two-time defending champion couldn't defend her Wimbledon title last year because she was pregnant.

Williams told  "Good Morning America" it's been "interesting" watching the world of tennis adjust for a new mother returning to the court.

"Unfortunately, in the '90s they changed the rule whereas if you were injured [and] then you come back, you lose your seeding," she explained last week inside New York City's Tictail Market.

Williams had stepped into the Lower East Side marketplace to attend the unveiling of a nearby street mural commissioned by Allstate Foundation Purple Purse. Williams, the program's ambassador, is partnering with Purple Purse to raise awareness of domestic violence paired with financial abuse.

"But they never took into account women that left No. 1" due to pregnancy, Williams added. "And left not for an injury, but to have a great life and not give up tennis, but to come back."

Williams played unseeded at the French Open in May, eventually pulling out of the Grand Slam in the fourth round due to an injury.

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