NFL Draft 2007: Kiper Offer Last Look

With one day before the draft, most teams at this point know who they would like to take with their first-round pick. In my final first-round mock draft, I still have LSU QB JaMarcus Russell going first overall to the Oakland Raiders. Oakland passed on both Matt Leinart and Jay Cutler last year, putting the Raiders in the situation they're in now.

Georgia Tech wide receiver Calvin Johnson will be the second overall pick, but to which team? I don't think Johnson -- the best player in the draft -- will be wearing a Detroit Lions uniform in 2007, but they also have to find a team willing to trade up for the pick. Tampa Bay is the most logical team to make a deal with because it wants Johnson, but don't be surprised if Atlanta tries to move up.

What the Browns do with the third pick is pivotal. Right now I have them taking Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn -- the Browns need someone who can be the face of the organization for years to come; however, they could very well take Oklahoma running back Adrian Peterson or even Wisconsin left tackle Joe Thomas.

The Washington Redskins would like to trade out of the sixth pick, but will need to find a team that's willing to move up. If Quinn remains on the board when it's Washington's turn, teams in need of a quarterback might look to make a deal with Redskins.

I have defensive tackle Amobi Okoye going to the Atlanta Falcons because of his relationship with coach Bobby Petrino, who he played for at Louisville. The Falcons also could look to go with Penn State tackle Levi Brown.

One player whose stock is on the rise is Michigan linebacker David Harris, who may very well end up with the Buffalo Bills. Buffalo really likes Ole Miss linebacker Patrick Willis, but he will land with the San Francisco 49ers, who draft one spot ahead of the Bills. I have also heard that the New England Patriots love Harris and the Patriots hope he's still around toward the end of the first round.

The Carolina Panthers, which in my last mock draft I had taking Miami tight end Greg Olsen, now appear to be leaning toward a safety like Florida's Reggie Nelson. Olsen then could fall to the New York Jets with the 25th pick, giving Chad Pennington a nice pass-catching tight end who can stretch the middle of the field.

New England, which has two first-round picks, and the Chicago Bears (31st overall) might look to trade out of the first round with a team looking to take a quarterback like BYU's John Beck or Stanford's Trent Edwards. If both Beck and Edwards are still on the board after the first round, the Lions will take one of them with the second pick in the second round.