Super Bowl 2015: How Seattle's Chris Matthews Went From Working at Foot Locker to Playing in the Big Game

He was a sneaker salesman before getting his big chance

ESPN reported that Matthews wasn't on Seattle's roster as far as two months ago -- but against the Patriots he showed how essential he can be to the team. He made four catches and was a MVP candidate until the Patriots won the game.

Matthews recalled in an interview in the recent issue of Sports Illustrated how the Seahawks signed him. He got a phone call last year from a Seahawks official asking him to fly out that very evening for a tryout.

"I don't get off of work until 9 p.m. I don't know if I'll make it," he told the caller, according to Sports Illustrated.

"All right," the caller said. "We'll let you know."

Minutes later, Matthews' agent called him, according to the magazine.

"What are you thinking! Get yourself home, pack up and go. Are you out of your mind?!" his agent said.

Matthews made the flight and the team's practice squad -- and the rest is history.