Super Bowl 2015: How to Fake Football Knowledge at a Party

More than 100 million people, not all fans, will watch the game.

For those casual football viewers, here's a cheat-sheet of ways to fake your way through the game.

To stay on top of the side conversation during the game, it just takes a few phrases.

For example:

1. "You mad, bro?"

As Sherman tells the story, Brady told him to “see him after the game when they win.” After the Seahawks won, Sherman was taped asking Brady, “You mad bro?”

Though Brady had no response, the video went viral. After the game, Sherman posted a photo of himself yelling at Brady with the text "U mad bro?" He later deleted the tweet, but it lives on in meme history.

2. Throwaway phrases

If Richard Sherman says or plays in a winning fashion, just pop in the phrase, “Sherman is the best cornerback in the NFL.”

If you see Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch sprinting for a long period of time, just ask, “Wow, did Marshawn Lynch just enter ‘beast mode?’”

Background: When Lynch is unstoppable on the field, it’s called “beast mode.” The player often wears his signature “Beast Mode” hat that has a logo with a combined “B” and “M.” His clothing site sold the cap for $33. At first critics wondered if he would be fined for not wearing a league-approved brand. But the hat is made by New Era, an approved NFL sponsor.

3. The "underdog"

Some casual fans just choose to vote for the "underdog," so who's the underdog in this year's Super Bowl?

4. Players to love/hate

When quarterback Tom Brady is on the field or in a nail-biting situation, just mutter something like this: “I wonder if he can win a fourth Super Bowl.”

Background: Brady has won three Super Bowls, the last one after the 2004 season. A fourth Super Bowl would put him in the pantheon of all-time greats.

When someone says how much money quarterbacks make, just add, “Brady and Russell Wilson are actually the lowest-paid QBs in the league.”

Forbes magazine reports that Brady made a base salary of $2 million, while Wilson earned $662,000. Brady makes a lot more, of course, due to endorsements.

5. Offensive plays (the good kind)

When someone mentions the Patriots' great offense, say, “The Seahawks are also great at limiting opponents from scoring.”

Background: Seattle has the NFL’s top-ranked defense in both scoring and total yards.

Enjoy the game!

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