Teams rally around #LCSForever after Andy 'Reginald' Dinh's latest response to Marc Merrill

— -- After a back-and-forth dialogue about maintaining the competitive ecosystem in League of Legends between Riot Games cofounder Marc Merrill and Team SoloMid owner Andy "Reginald" Dinh, things have taken a sharp turn.

Dinh announced on Twitlonger that he, along with several other team owners in the North American League Championship Series, have submitted a proposal to "solve these problems." He ended the note with #LCSForever.

Other teams and owners have tossed in their support for the hashtag.

@TSMReginald We've been rivals since the beginning. Glad to join forces to make LCS the best it can be. #LCSForever

- HotshotGG (@CLG_HotshotGG) August 24, 2016


- Noah Whinston (@NWhinston) August 24, 2016

C9 Org and LCS players are on board and ready work with Riot to repair LCS without delay! #LCSForever

We are in, let's build a solution for the health, sustainability and future of esports. #LCSForever

- TeamLiquidLoL (@TeamLiquidLoL) August 24, 2016


Some have even speculated that this may be the beginning of collective bargaining in esports.

Did we all just publicly witness the beginning of LCS team owners uniting for collective bargaining with Riot Esports? - Kelby May (@KelbyMay) August 24, 2016

However, it is unclear if the European side of the League of Legends Championship Series was aware of the movement.

@CLG_HotshotGG @TSMReginald Where is the EULCS version :( #LCSForever