Warriors' Green calls out Clips' Jones

— -- OAKLAND, Calif. -- The rivalry between the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Clippers saw another contentious moment Sunday, this time after the final buzzer sounded.

Draymond Green led all scorers with 23 points in Golden State's 106-98 victory over the Clippers. It was an ideal day for the Defensive Player of the Year candidate until his postgame interview with ABC.

During the segment, Clippers' guard Dahntay Jones walked into view of the camera, bumping Green as he went past. Green did not take the gesture kindly, and told reporters as much in the locker room.

"I think he wanted a reaction from me, but he don't play," Green said.

He explained his lack of reaction, saying, "Me getting suspended and him getting suspended, it's different."

He added, "If (Dahntay Jones) gets suspended they may not even notice."

Green expressed that the bump should warrant scrutiny, saying, "I definitely expect that to be reviewed by the NBA. For him to look at me, look at me again, and bump me when I'm doing a postgame interview; that's really smart, too, when it's on ABC. The postgame interview is the highlight of that segment and you bump somebody."

Green wasn't finished with Jones. In explaining why the shooting guard's behavior, he said: "He got some camera time, which he needed because there wasn't much celebration from their bench today, so you didn't see him much. He got the camera time he was looking for."

Jones denies that the bump was intentional, telling reporters, "That's not how you bump somebody if you purposely want to bump them."