15 of the Funniest Facebook Questions

Since the launch of Facebook's new "Questions" feature which lets you crowdsource answers from your social circle, we've been dying to see just what is being asked.

As we suspected, Facebook Questions turns out to be a pretty good source of humor, and during our browsing we came across some funny questions, or questions which could receive funny answers. Of course, we thought we'd share our favorites with you.

Have a look through our light-hearted Q&A gallery and let us know any humorous Facebook Questions you've spotted in the comments section.

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The Man Behind Facebook: Founder Mark Zuckerberg

1. What is the shape of the Internet?

2. What do Nigerians enjoy doing online?

3. How do I stop my two-year-old from picking his nose?

4. Why do we need to learn math? When are we going to need it after high school?

5. If a cat always lands on its feet, and toast always lands butter side down, what happens if you butter the top side of a toasted cat?

6. Is Facebook trying to take over the Internet?

7. Does anyone have an extra iPhone 3GS or know someone who does that I could buy?

8. My iPhone is one day ahead on the date, how do I fix it?

9. What does "beta" means?

10. Where can I buy neon fanny packs (either online or in the Bay Area)?

11. Why can't kids just do what they are told first time you say it? Why do they have to argue?

12. What's up in New York?

13. What is the coolest name to give a kid?

14. Do you like turtles?

15. How do you milk a playpus?