5 Ways to Earn Money by Blogging

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Earn money by blogging.

Many people dream of getting paid to blog. This is fueled by stories of bloggers earning big bucks. You can earn money by blogging — if you're dedicated.

According to Technorati, the average American blogger earns $6,000 yearly. The top 1% earn $200,000 or more.

Blogging is hard work and requires long hours. So, pick a subject about which you're passionate.

Avoid topics like photography, politics, gadgets and celebrity gossip. Competition will be stiff. Instead, choose a niche topic. For example, write about coin collecting, if it's your passion.

To earn money from a blog, it must be well-written. Grammatical and spelling errors are a no-no. Find a proofreader, if necessary.

Here are some of the best ways to earn money from your blog. Find links to sites mentioned at www.komando.com/news.

Seek Out Advertisers and Affiliate Programs


The most obvious way to make money blogging is with advertising. Advertisers pay a few cents when an ad is clicked. Or, they may pay a certain rate for each 1,000 page views.

Google's AdSense is perhaps the most popular advertising program. It places contextual ads on your site. Anyone can register for AdSense, regardless of traffic.

AdBrite, AdGenta and BidVertiser also help you display ads on your blog. Additionally, you can contact advertisers directly. Skip this unless you have a large readership or are well-known.

It's easy to get ads on your site, but difficult to earn from them. You'll need thousands of visitors each month.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are similar to advertising. You place a banner ad or a text ad on your site. Or, put affiliate links inside blog posts.

You may get paid when a visitor clicks an affiliate link. But usually, visitors must make a purchase from the affiliate. Earning money from affiliate programs is more difficult. However, the rewards are greater. You could earn 10% or more per sale.

Amazon pioneered the affiliate program. Check to see if your favorite retailers have programs. Or, find programs through Commission Junction, LinkShare or ClickBank.

Traffic Makes a Big Difference


Some companies will pay you to write about their products and services. Your pay will vary depending on your site. Traffic is a major factor.

You can't get started with pay-per-post programs immediately. Some require you to blog for a month or more before enrolling. Or, you may need a specific number of posts or site visitors.

Approach pay-per-post programs cautiously. Paid posts should be clearly identified for ethical reasons. Some programs even require it. But some readers may be put off.

Pay-per-post programs pay handsomely. Some will pay up to $1,000 per post! Expect to earn much less — $10 to $20 per post.

PayPerPost, SponsoredReviews and Blogvertise offer pay-per-post programs.


Blogs are increasingly important to businesses. Businesses often use blogs to reach out to customers. You may find work as a paid blogger with a company. This will take considerable dedication.

How to Land a Corporate Sponsorship

You must show companies why they should hire you. That means you need to blog for awhile. Your posts should be impeccable. Grammar, accuracy and a pleasant voice are paramount.

Businesses could come calling if you make a name for yourself. But you'll probably need to do some cold calling. Approach it as you would any job search.


You may be able to land a corporate sponsorship. This works much like an advertising deal. However, your entire site will carry the company's branding.

With a sponsorship, you'll make concessions. For example, you may be forbidden from mentioning competitors' products and services.

Landing a sponsorship probably won't be easier than finding a paid position. And remember that you will need to make a name for yourself first.

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