TechBytes: Apple's Big Announcement

Google Voice on iPhone, Google Phone Fix, President Address Online

Jan.27, 2010— -- After months of speculation, Apple is finally expected to unveil a tablet computer today. Tech analysts expect CEO Steve Jobs to reveal a thin slab with a roughly 10-inch multi-touch screen. Leander Kahney, author of Inside Steve's Brain, thinks many people will be a little disappointed, at least initially. "I expect, like all Apple products, it might be a little bit pricey, but when software developers start to put some really cool apps in the app store, and people see what you can do with this thing, with your fingers, I think it's really going to take off." Apple's announcement is scheduled for 1 PM eastern.

Google Voice on iPhone

Google has found a way to get its voice application on the iPhone, even though Apple is trying to keep it off. Google says it upgraded the mobile web site for Voice, making it easier to use on the device. Some of Google Voice's most popular features are voice mail, free text messages and international calling discounts. Apple rejected a voice app last summer, claiming it duplicates or alters important features on the iPhone.

Nexus One Fix Coming

Google says it is working to fix some network problems with its new phone.The company plans to issue a software update to improve connectivity for the Nexus One in the next week or so. The fix is not expected to address all network problems with the phone.

State of the Union Online

If you can't be in front of a TV tonight for the President's State of the Union address, there's an app for that. The White House recently released a free iPhone app that will stream the speech live. There are several other places you can watch it online as well, including the White House Website, YouTube, and Facebook. The speech begins at 9 PM eastern.

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