TechBytes: Google Backgrounds Retreat

Microsoft Office 2010 review, FIFA World Cup Apps, FIFA World Cup in 3-D.

June 11, 2010— -- Google has made a rapid retreat from an artsy experiment . The search giant had planned a day-long feature on its homepage yesterday, using different images to show off its new customized background option. But Google says a bug forced it to return to its traditional white background after just 14 hours. The company claims online user outrage had nothing to do with the change of plans.

MS Office 2010

Microsoft will very soon begin giving away Microsoft Office online through an application called Office Web Apps You can get free versions of Word, Excel, Power Point and One Note. Ed Baig of USA Today says his initial impressions are very positive. "These are lightweight versions to be sure, you won't see every last feature that you have on the Office that you would put on your hard drive. But for consumers, there's plenty here," Baig said. "It looks and behaves a lot like Office on the desktop." You can read Baig's full review at

World Cup Apps

By the time the FIFA World Cup ends a month from today, it's likely to have received more online coverage than any major sports event, ever. ABC and ESPN are carrying every match, but you can also follow the action through ESPN's World Cup app. Its premium version offers live audio commentary, goal alerts and in-game video highlights, which are unavailable through any other app in the US.

World Cup in 3-D

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