TechBytes: Nexus One Gets Multi-Touch

VIDEO: The FCC is asking networks to expand bandwidth to accommodate the

In a blog posting, two top FCC officials say they're worried about Apple iPad's possibly jamming up existing broadband networks like AT&T's 3G Network. The officials don't specifically name AT&T, but AT&T does have a deal to provide iPad service. The officials say broadband networks need to be expanded, so new gadgets don't overwhelm them.


According to a newly leaked documents Blackberry's upcoming internet service service will properly sync Gmail, to accurately show if documents were read. It will also reportedly add support for Windows Media audio attachments and Open Office documents.

VIDEO: The FCC is asking networks to expand bandwidth to accommodate the iPad.Play

Kindle-Small Books

FT Press has come up with a solution for those of you who don't have the time to read an entire eBook. They are introducing a series of short, digital-only books with business advice for professionals. They're new versions of previously published books, chopped down to one or two thousand words. The new short eBooks will sell for $2.99 or less.


Hulu is launching branded ABC News page. It will provided short-form content from network newscasts like "World News with Diane Sawyer." Some content from the digital channel "ABC News Now" and network archives will also be available.

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Microsoft says it will discontinue live support for all original Xbox titles on April 15th. A company statement says "its Xbox service must keep evolving, and the original Xbox lineup is no longer compatible with the service". The company didn't say how many Xbox players could be affected by the change.

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