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ToneCheck, PlayStation Move preview, British Royals on Flickr

July 26, 2010— -- AT&T usually gets the blame when there's something wrong with the iPhone. But in a new survey, 73 percent of iPhone users gave a positive response when asked how they feel about AT&T's service. That's better than smartphone users as a whole -- only 69 percent overall say they're happy with their service provider.

Brave New Tone

When sending e-mail, you can use spell check, grammar check, and now you can add tone check to that list. A new program called ToneCheck plugs into Microsoft Outlook and scans email messages for sentences and phrases that might carry too much emotion. The program works by comparing your words and phrases to a massive database and flagging any sentences that might convey the wrong tone. A test version of the program is available for free now.

PlayStation Move Preview

"As someone who's had a Wii for a long time, I actually noticed that the Sony remote control was really much more sensitive, much more accurate," Bilton said. "I think it's exciting to see Sony pushing the boundaries a little bit on something that already exists in the marketplace. You know, they didn't just copy the Wii remote, they took it and added new peripherals and new features to it. But I think it's really gonna depend on the gaming that they put out there." The PlayStation Move will be available Sept. 19.

British Royals on Flickr

Queen Elizabeth II is expanding her online presence. The British monarchy has started an account on the photo-sharing site Flickr. The account will feature recent photos of the royal family, as well as historic ones from their archives. More than 600 are already available. This isn't the monarchy's first attempt at social networking. There's already a Twitter account and YouTube channel.

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