Review: Nintendo Wii Classic Controller

REVIEW: Nintendo serves up its original controller on the Wii.

— -- When it comes to video game consoles, the Nintendo Wii has been a smash hit. Almost a year since the Wii was first introduced in North America, shortages remain for the innovative and easy-to-use machine.

At the heart of the excitement is the hand-held Wii remote with built-in motion sensors. When you play tennis on your Wii, you "swing" your Wiimote as if it were a real racket.

But for old-school gamers who still like using their thumbs, the Wii doesn't feel like the Nintendo systems they grew up loving. Luckily, Nintendo is selling an add-on Classic Controller ($20) with the old buttons layout. Classic titles like "Super Mario Brothers," "Galaga" and "Pac Man" ($5 to $10) can be downloaded right to your console.