How Addicted Are You to Your Phone?

PHOTO: The BreakFree app measures smartphone addiction.PlayGetty Images
WATCH An App to End Smartphone Addiction

How much time do you really spend on your phone?

Now there's an app that will answer that question -- as well as help smartphone addicts learn how to live a "healthy digital lifestyle."

Makers of the BreakFree app say it will help users measure which apps they use the most and how much time they spend on their smartphones.

Currently only available for Android, the app operates in the background of a phone -- studying the usage pattern before it calculates a real-time "addiction score."

It also acts as a rehab coach by letting users know when they've been making an excessive number of calls or have been spending too much time in a particular app.

"With these notifications you know it's time to slow down," the BreakFree website says.

While the idea may sound like taking a dieter to an all-you-can-eat buffet, BreakFree has received positive reviews in the GooglePlay store.

"Awesome concept! Just loved this concept. The interface as well is just too good. Its just been a day old for me so cant really comment on the impact so soon. But it'll definitely help me reduce my addiction," one user wrote.

"Good app but some bugs to be fixed," another reviewer said.

BreakFree has been downloaded more than 15,000 times, according to its website. Here's a peek at how it works.

PHOTO: The BreakFree app allows users to measure how addicted they are to their smartphones.BreakFree
The BreakFree app allows users to measure how addicted they are to their smartphones.