Alternative Camera Apps to Instagram

PHOTO: Instagram is demonstrated on an iPhone, April 9, 2012, in New York.
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If you own an iPhone and enjoy taking photos, chances are you know about the app Instagram.

Instagram is a free app that lets users take photos, customize them with filters and borders; then share it with others using the app and to other sites via a sharing feature. The app has acquired 15 million users through Apple and recently became available for the Android market.

Facebook purchased Instagram on Monday for $1 billion. Facebook said Instagram will still develop as an independent app from the social network, but many are concerned about what the purchase will mean for those who already use it.

If you are seeking different camera app options, check out these alternatives to Instagram.

PHOTO: Whether you?re a seasoned photographer or someone who?s barely touched a camera, Camera+ will make you love taking photos.
Camera +

Camera+ is an app that lets the user control the shots taken, similar to a digital camera. The user can set the exposure and focus by touching the screen, use a grid to line up shots, and a flash used as a fill light. Additional features include a 6x advanced digital zoom and scene modes including Sunset, Night, Portrait, etc. There are different shooting modes including a stabilizer, timer and a burst option to take a stream of shots. The app features filters so users can change the photo color, give them a retro look or a border. One breakthrough is the clarity feature, which analyzes photos and adjusts them to bring out detail and balance. The app offers sharing options similar to Instagram with users able to share their photos to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or via e-mail. Available for $0.99 on iTunes.

PHOTO: Diptic

Diptic lets users combine multiple photos to create photo collages to share with friends. Users can select photos from Facebook and Flickr in addition to the photos on his or her phone. The user can then choose from 52 different layouts to make a photo collage. All of the collage borders can be customized and if a user cannot chose, there is a random layout selection option. Photos can be customized by changing brightness, contrast, and saturation. Users can share the photo collages with high-resolution export through Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Posterous, in addition to any app that accepts a JPG photo format. Available for $0.99 on iTunes.


Hipstamatic is a popular photo app allowing users to filter photos and make them unique. The app uses vignettes, over saturation, discoloration and blurring in addition to allowing a user to swap lenses, flashes and films for many different effects. Features with additional effects called "hipstapaks" are available in-app for $0.99 a piece. Users can have fun with the customized photos known as "hipstaprints" by entering them into a prize contest each month. Sharing is available on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Instagram or via e-mail. On iTunes for $1.99.

PHOTO: ShakeItPhoto

ShakeItPhoto brings you back to the time of Polaroid pictures. With this app the user can simply take a photo or choose from existing photos and watch it develop into a Polaroid on the screen, just like the old days. The user can shake the image to help the developing process move faster, and uses "perfect processing technology" for Polaroid quality. Share by uploading directly to Facebook or sending images via e-mail. Available for $1.99 on iTunes.

Camera ZOOM FX

Camera ZOOM FX promises a user full photography features. The camera can take up to 10 shots per second and has multiple shooting modes including burst mode and time lapse. The stabilizer feature shows how steady the device is and waits if it is too unsteady for a better shot. Other useful features include a large variety of editing tools, a collage feature and a voice activated shutter useful for group shots. A fun feature includes "buddy" photos where you can add a famous face into a shot of you, or change the size and position of the buddy. Sharing is available via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or all at once and e-mail. Available for $2.99 on Google play for Android.

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