Apple Watch: Rumors Fly Over What to Expect From the Next Edition of the Wearable

There's already talk about what to expect from a future edition of the wearable.

While Apple hasn't discussed a second generation of the Apple Watch, observers of the company believe an Apple Watch 2.0 could make its debut next year, building on the successes of the first edition but with even more fleshed out features.

That dream may become a reality in the next edition, according to 9to5Mac, which reported Apple is "intends to integrate a new and more dynamic wireless chipset into the wearable."

Giving the watch WiFi would allow certain features, such as email and texting, to operate even if a user's iPhone isn't in the vicinity. Having the watch hooked up to WiFi would also enable a "Find My Watch" feature 9to5Mac reported is being developed.

Apple unveiled its plans for a second edition of its Apple Watch operating system earlier this month at the Worldwide Developer's Conference. One of the most notable changes is the ability for users to receive FaceTime audio.

Those calls could be received in video form on a person's wrist in a future generation of the watch. According to 9to5Mac, Apple is considering adding a camera to the top bezel that could make this futuristic dream a reality.

While it's important to note Apple has not publicly commented on a second generation Apple Watch, the company did show it was rapidly moving forward with new innovations for the wearable.

Among the new capabilities are photo faces, including time lapses of city scenes, the ability to see a different photo every time a user glances at their wrist and nightstand mode, turning a charging watch into an alarm clock.

A time travel feature will also let users turn their crown to leap forward and backward in time to see their schedules. Siri will also respond to a voice command to start counting a workout, without a user having to touch their Apple Watch.