Astronaut Scott Kelly Could 'Go Another Year If I Had to' in Space

Astronaut set to return to Earth next week after a one-year mission.

"I could go another year if I had to," Kelly said this afternoon during the mission's final news conference from space. "It would just depend on what I was doing and if it made sense."

The results will help inform a future mission to Mars or another deep space destination. While he's in good spirits, Kelly said he has noticed some differences in the way he feels.

"It's somewhat of a harsh environment," he said of life in space. "You don’t feel perfectly normal. There is always a lingering something you feel or it's just not normal. ... Having said that, it's not necessarily uncomfortable."

The hardest part, Kelly said, is the "loss of connection in a physical sense" from loved ones on Earth. He said one way life can improve for astronauts, including those who travel on a future mission to Mars in even smaller quarters, would be "making that private area as perfect as possible."

Immediately after that, he said he already knows what he'll be doing.

"I'm going to go home and jump in my pool," he said.