Google Reveals Its Playful Reward for Guy Who Briefly Owned

Man owned for one minute after accidental sale.

— -- Google's domain name was accidentally sold for one minute last year and now the search engine is revealing how much it paid to get it back.

In October, Sanmay Ved saw being offered for sale on Google Domains. He snagged the multi-billion dollar company's URL for $12 and owned the domain for one minute before Google realized the mistake and cancelled the purchase.

Ved never revealed how much Google gave him as a reward, but the company spilled the beans in a blog post this week. The amount Google paid him -- $ 6,006.13 -- is Google spelled numerically. (Google notes you may have to squint to see what they mean.)

Ved decided to do another good deed by donating his reward to charity. When Google found out, they matched his gift, bringing the donation to $12,012.26.