Holiday Shopping: 4 Apps to Keep You Organized

Keep track of wish lists, purchases and even where you parked with these apps.

— -- It's the most wonderful time of the year, but the holidays can also be incredibly stressful with so many things to get done, including shopping for presents.

Thankfully, there are some tech tools to help hack your holiday shopping list.

Here are four apps to help you stay organized, find the right gift and even remember where you parked your car.

Share Wishlists

Make a Wishlist in the Gifster app and then connect with family and friends who have done the same. The app takes the guesswork out of buying gifts and even allows the recipient to share favorite colors or sizes in particular items.

Make Your Shopping List

Now that you know what everyone wants, it's time to make your shopping list. Christmas Gift List app allows users to create shopping lists, keep track of who they've bought for, what they've bought and how much they've spent. While it has Christmas in its name, the app is a great organizational tool for all holiday shopping and perfect for parents who may be conscientious about making sure they have spent around the same amount on each child.

Check for Coupons

The team at has an app that makes it handy to check for any coupon codes to make sure you're getting the most savings possible. Shopping can also make you work up an appetite. The good news is, is the app also includes discounts for restaurants too.

Remember Where You Parked

There's nothing more annoying than walking out of the mall, hands full with purchases and forgetting where you parked. Open the Find My Car app after parking to pin your location. When you're ready to find your car, open the app to see your car's location and even get walking directions that will take you directly to your parked car.

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