iPad 3 Could be Coming This Year

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In today's TechBytes, the iPad 3 could be coming this year.

New Technology

Taiwan's economic daily reports that the Apple tablet could have an image resolution five to six times higher than the iPad 2.

Tech sites that track Apple's news, however, say a 2012 rollout is more likely and question such an increase in display quality.

Alice Madness Returns

"Alice, Madness Returns," the sequel to "American McGee's Alice," picks up 11 years from where the original left off. Alice is once again haunted by the death of her parents.

CNET's Dan Ackerman loved the game's visual travelog, but cautions that the game isn't suitable for kids.

"'Alice' is not overly violent or bloody, but it is definitely not for kids. It is a much more serious take on the Alice story. It is very dark and moody at times, and can even be a little bit scary, although the characters are colorful and fun, and there is a lot of humor in the game."

The game hits store shelves today, and is available for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.