Lettuce Feast: Astronauts Get First Taste of Veggies Harvested in Space

What the astronauts said after their first taste of space lettuce.

— -- Lettuce feast!

"Tastes good, kind of like arugula," Scott Kelly said after taking his first bite. The astronauts first tasted the lettuce plain before dressing it up with some olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Before dining on the leafy vegetable, astronaut Dr. Kjell Lindgren first cleaned the lettuce with citric acid-based sanitizing wipes. The other half of the produce will be packaged, frozen and sent back to Earth at a later date where it will be analyzed by scientists.

Today's comes from the second ever space harvest and will be the first time astronauts will be allowed to dine on the fresh space-grown produce. (An initial harvest was sent back to Earth in October 2014 for food safety analysis.)

After getting in their servings of veggies, Kelly and Lindgren said they planned to save some of the leafy greens for their cosmonaut colleagues who were busy conducting a spacewalk outside the International Space Station.