McDonald's Turns Happy Meal Box Into a Virtual Reality Headset

PHOTO: McDonalds in Sweden is offering VR goggles made from Happy Meal boxes.McDonald's
McDonald's in Sweden is offering VR goggles made from Happy Meal boxes.

The McDonald's Happy Meal box containing the traditional McNuggets or cheeseburger and fries can now be turned into what may be the world's greasiest cardboard virtual reality headset.

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Called "Happy Goggles," the low cost, do-it-yourself VR headset is being offered as part of a limited-time promotion at McDonald's locations in Sweden.

Taking an empty box, fast food diners can tear along the perforated lines, fold the cardboard and insert the included virtual reality lenses. A compatible smartphone can then be inserted into the goggles to take advantage of a 360-degree video experience that will undoubtedly still smell a little like French fries and beef.

"The Happy Meal simply must move with the times. But evolution doesn't always mean radical change," a website promoting the VR initiative says. "For us it meant a bit of ripping, folding and sliding. Meet Happy Goggles -- a unique VR viewer made from an ordinary Happy Meal box. We believe the possibilities are endless."

While the promotion is only available in Sweden, McDonald's said it's possible it could be expanded to more countries in the future.

Google helped revolutionize access to VR with its do-it-yourself cardboard goggles pattern -- only requiring cardboard, lenses and a compatible smartphone. By comparison, high-end virtual reality headsets such as Oculus Rift are being sold for $599.