Nook HD, MiFi Liberate, Libratone Zipp: Gadgets of The Week

PHOTO: Some featured gadgets of the week are SensoGlove, Libratone Zipp, Lenovo Ideatab and Mifi Libberate.
Sensosultions; Libratone; Lenovo; Novatel

Yes, Apple has sold more than 5 million iPhones in the last two weeks (despite publicly acknowledging the deep flaws in its new maps app), but it isn't the only company releasing products and preparing for the holiday buying season ahead. From new Android tablets from Lenovo and Barnes & Noble to some unique gadgets, including a golf glove with a built in computer, the selection this week ranges from the downright practical to the extremely unique.

PHOTO: The $89 SensoGlove is the first digital golf glove.

Golf gadgets are nothing new, but golf gloves with a built-in computer? Well, that's a first. SensoSoultions announced this week its SensoGlove, a golf glove with sensors that tells you if you are holding the club wrong. The little computer inside lets you set the pressure and warns you if you have swing too hard or not hard enough. The $89 glove comes for both the right and left hand and in men and womens sizes. ($89.00, SensoSoultions)

PHOTO: AT&T's MiFi Librerate is the first mobile hotspot to have a touchscreen display.
MiFi Liberate

There are a number of mobile hotspots on the market (small devices that broadcast an LTE or 3G signal so you can connect to the Internet when there's no WiFi network nearby). But the new Liberate is the first to come with a 2.8-inch touchscreen. Made by Novatel Wireless, the Liberate allows you connect up to 10 WiFi devices to it to use AT&T's LTE network. AT&T says it will last 11 hours on a charge, but isn't sharing pricing or availability yet. (N/A, AT&T)

PHOTO: The Barnes & Noble's Nook HD and Nook HD+ are Android-powered tablets aimed at reading and watching movies.
Barnes & Noble
Barnes & Noble Nook HD and HD+

Barnes & Noble had no problem reminding everyone this week that its new Nook HD and HD+ tablets beat the other 7-inch, affordable Android tablets. The Nook HD, as Barnes & Noble says, is the lightest, high-resolution 7-inch tablet on the market. It has a 1440 x 900-resolution display, which it says is optimized for reading HD magazines and watching HD videos through the new Nook Video service. There's also a 9-inch version that weighs 652 grams. Both tablets run a redesigned version of Android 4.0 and have dual-core processors. We've got more info and a video on them here. (Starts at $199, Barnes & Noble)

PHOTO: The Lenovo IdeaTab S2110 is an Android 4.0 tablet with a dockable keyboard.
Lenovo IdeaTab S2110

But while Barnes & Nobles tablets are focused on consuming content -- reading, watching movies, etc. -- Lenovo's new IdeaTab S2110 is about creating. Well, at least if you snatch up the optional keyboard dock. The $399 tablet has an 10.1-inch screen, two cameras, and even an FM radio, but add on the $100 keyboard dock and you can write long documents and get double the battery life. ($399, Lenovo)

PHOTO: The $300 Libratone Zipp is a mobile WiFi / Airplay speaker.
Libratone Zipp

No, there isn't a bottle of champagne in there. The Libratone Zipp is a circular speaker, and not just any speaker: it's an Airplay enabled wireless speaker that can connect to any AirPlay-enabled Apple device. The company claims that the wireless connection allows for better streaming sound quality than Bluetooth, but there's also a wired audio option. The speaker does cost a pricey $399, but with dual tweeters and 360-degree sound, price equals big sound. ($399, Libratone)

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