Craig Jones/Caters News Agency
  • A mother goose takes a stroll with her chick.
    Craig Jones/Caters News Agency
  • An Indian rhinoceros calf nuzzles its mother.
    Jagdeep Rajput/Ardea/Caters News
  • An emperor penguin chick cuddles with its mother.
    Bill Coster/Ardea/Caters News Agency
  • A red fox cub with mother.
    M.Watson/Ardea/Caters News
  • A polar bear cub plays with its mother.
    Michel Watson/Caters News Agency
  • A northern sea otter cradles her pup.
    Tom and Pat Leeson/Ardea/Caters News
  • Cheetah mother with her 8 week old cub.
    Suzi Eszterhas/Aredea/Caters News Agency
  • A baby beluga whale swims alongside its mother.
    Caters News Agency
  • A mother giraffe licks her baby as they spend some time bonding.
    Matt Marriott/Caters News Agency
  • A mother European ground squirrel and her young one have a bonding moment.
    Stefan Meyers/Ardea/Caters News Agency
  • A baby elephant's trunk is held by its mother as they take a walk.
    Michael Poliza/Caters News Agency
  • A tired baby baboon takes a ride on its mother's back.
    Michael Poliza/Caters News