• Man Spots Christ in the Northern Lights

    Man Spots Christ in the Northern Lights
    An image of Christ was spotted during a spectacular northern lights display near the town of Akranes, Iceland, by photographer Jon Hilmarsson, who was prompted by his ten year old son to take the photographs. The image was taken in February of 2013, but the photographer just released the photos.
    Jon Hilmarsson/Caters News Agency
  • Man Sees Jesus in His Chicken Dinner

    Man Sees Jesus in His Chicken Dinner
    Ernesto Hernandez, of Pocono Summit, Penn., saw the face of Jesus Christ in the golden-brown breading of a chicken dinner his wife prepared.
  • ‘Miraculous’ Photos

    ‘Miraculous’ Photos
    A pierogi is seen in this photo taken on Sept. 13, 2014 at St. Andre' Bessette Catholic Church in Ecorse Michigan. Mary Moroz who provided the photo said, “It was an awesome revelation, especially in light of the horrific rainstorm we had during the opening night of our parish festival during the Parish Festival.”
    St. Andre' Bessette Catholic Church in Ecorse Michigan
  • Jesus in a Pancake?

    Jesus in a Pancake?
    The Cowgirl Cafe flipped a pancake with a face resembling Jesus on Friday, April 18, 2014. Owner Karen Hendrickson said it wasn't served to a customer.
  • Do you see what I see?

    Do you see what I see?
    A viewer of KOAT submitted this image of a sliced potato with what appear to be Lenten crosses.
  • Do You See What I See?

    Do You See What I See?
    Julie Cooney and her husband were stocking up on firewood in Danville, Indiana when they saw this image of the virgin Mary and baby Jesus on a log.
    WRTV/ABC News
  • Jesus Appears in Bird Dropping?

    Jesus Appears in Bird Dropping?
    Jim Lawry, of Brooklyn, Ohio, found bird droppings on a windshield that he believes look similar to Christ's face.
    Courtesy Jim Lawry
  • Virgin Mary in Tree Knot

    Virgin Mary in Tree Knot
    People crowd around a tree at 60th Street and Bergenline Ave. in West New York, N.J., Thursday, July 12, 2012, which has an opening, that some believe looks like the image of the Our Lady of Guadalupe depiction of the Virgin Mary, shown in the card below.
    Daniel Reyes/The Jersey Journal/AP Photo
  • Is That Jesus in the Shower?

    Is That Jesus in the Shower?
    A family in Splendora, Texas says an image of Jesus was created by mold in their bathroom. "People say your house is blessed," Chyanna Richards told <a href="" target="external">ABC's Houston station, KTRK</a>. "I see the head, the hair, a cloak."
  • Is That Jesus In A Bowl?

    Is That Jesus In A Bowl?
    Ruth Davis, a reader of the Bournemouth Echo sent in this image of what looks to be the face of Jesus on the side of a mixing bowl.
  • Face of Jesus on a Tortilla?

    Face of Jesus on a Tortilla?
    Jesus on TV? A woman in Port St. Lucie, Florida, says she took a photo of her television and in the image was a reflection of Jesus praying.
    ABC News
  • Jesus Resurrected on a Tortilla?

    Jesus Resurrected on a Tortilla?
    David Sandoval of Albuquerque said he found an image of Jesus on the side of a tortilla -- coincidentally on Ash Wednesday. He posted a picture on Facebook. "Everybody has been able to see it. They're calling it a miracle," Sandoval said.
  • Jesus Resurrected on a Utility Pole?

    Jesus Resurrected on a Utility Pole?
    Don Taylor of Colorado spotted this high-voltage Jesus near Littleton on a phone poll. He told ABC7 in Denver that he's a "a nonreligious individual" but he was stopped in his tracks when he saw the unusual vine growth across from a church, which appears to be the form of a crucified Jesus Christ.
    Don Taylor/KMGH7
  • Holy 'Cheesus'? Face of Jesus Appears in Pizza

    Holy 'Cheesus'? Face of Jesus Appears in Pizza
    Easter is still a few weeks away, but a woman in Yucca Valley, Calif. says Jesus has already returned -- in a photograph of a two-toned poppy. Liz Bullock says she was taking pictures in the High Desert of California when she snapped a few shots of the flower and spotted the image of Jesus.
    ABC News
  • 'Glee' Tackles Religion with 'Cheesus'

    'Glee' Tackles Religion with 'Cheesus'
    Do you see the face of Jesus Christ on this slice three-cheese pizza pie? The owners of Posh Pizza in Brisbane, Australia not only spotted the holy image on this pie, they put it up for sale on eBay, according to Australia's Herald Sun. It ultimately sold for about $158. Posh Pizza said the money would be donated to a charity. Pizza
  • Tie-Dying for Jesus

    Tie-Dying for Jesus
    Finn (Cory Monteith) prays to a sandwich, in an episode of "Glee," which aired Oct. 5, 2010 on Fox. While making the sandwich, Finn believes to see what is an image of Jesus Christ, and he suddenly becomes very religious. The episode centered around faith and religion.
    Adam Rose/FOX
  • Unusual Sightings

    Unusual Sightings
    The structures making up the face is composed of the heart, blood vessels and bronchi and was seen during an examination of the thoracic spine via an open MRI machine by radiologists Christopher Vittore and Kevin Tribble.
    Courtesy Christopher Vittore, via Improbable Research
  • Face of Jesus Appears in Frying Pan

    Face of Jesus Appears in Frying Pan
    Evan Chase of Cleveland had an Easter surprise. When he opened up a tie-dyed T-shirt, he said he saw the image of Jesus. "All of the hair on my body stood up when I first looked at it, for sure," he said. "I just didn't know how to react."
    ABC News
  • Unusual Sightings

    Unusual Sightings
    Bianca Lopez of Glendale, Ariz., said a pancake with the face of the Virgin Mary brought her peace. While making a batch of pancakes for her family the day before Thanksgiving, she spotted the religious image on her final pancake of the day. "I think it's God's way of telling us that the holidays aren't just about presents, it's about more spending time with your family and friends and telling us to not forget about him, that he's always there watching over us and taking care of us," Lopez told ABC's Phoenix Arizona affiliate <a href="" target="external">KNXV ABC15</a>.
  • Religious Sightings

    Religious Sightings
    It's hard to believe that sitting on the toilet bowl could inspire visions of the divine, but that's exactly what happened to a Las Vegas woman named -- coincidentally enough -- Magdalena Nelson. According to ABC affiliate KTNV, Nelson was cleaning her toilet last week when she noticed what she described as Jesus' likeness in an "I Love Vegas" bumper sticker plastered on the bowl. And, apparently, Nelson isn't too possessive of her bumper sticker. KTNV reports that those interested in viewing the "sighting" can e-mail Nelson and arrange a visit.
    ABC News
  • Religious Sightings

    Religious Sightings
    A tree stump that many say looks like a silhouette of the Virgin Mary has brought thousands of worshipers to St. Mary's parish church in Rathkaele, Ireland, where a makeshift shrine has been built. Some jubilant visitors see the tree stump as a divine gesture. "People have been crying out for something good to happen," one visitor, Noel White, told The Associated Press, "and this is all good for the soul."
    ABC News
  • Religious Sightings

    Religious Sightings
    She got more than the satisfaction of a late night snack, she got a miracle. A North Carolina woman named Linda Lowe discovered what she believes to be an image of Jesus in her grilled cheese sandwich. Lowe's son tried to sell the toast on eBay, but the picture would not download correctly, so Lowe took that as another sign from God -- that the discovery was meant for her to keep. Lowe keeps the toast in a Tupperware container in her room.
  • Religious Sightings

    Religious Sightings
    This hefty granite slab would have sold for $1,500 if it hadn't been for one observant customer who saw an image of Jesus in the rock -- and now it's worth a lot more. The customer phoned Texas-based Verona Marble Company Inc. after he saw Jesus in a photo of the slab while perusing the company's Web site. The company's owners told CBS News they were "blessed" to have the slab and would donate the proceeds from the rock's sale to an Oklahoma church.
  • Religious Sightings

    Religious Sightings
    A 14-year-old girl from Jacksonville, Fla., got a sweet sign from up above. Jessica Perry says she was about to chomp on a piece of candy when she noticed a familiar face in the design on the candy. Perry says she sees Jesus Christ with a halo over his head and his hands clasped in the piece of candy, but doesn't think that it's a sign from God.
  • Religious Sightings

    Religious Sightings
    Image of Jesus appears in a sand dune.
    Google Earth
  • Religon

    Religon purchased the Holy Pierogi, a fried Polish style ravioli, on eBay for $1,800. Can you see an image of Jesus in it?
  • Religious Slideshow

    Religious Slideshow
    A Chicago woman claims the image of the Virgin Mary has appeared on the stomach of her pet sand turtle, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. Shirley's daughter, Dolly Fordyce, 58, said: "I thought we were going crazy the first time I saw it. I looked at it and said, 'It can't be.' But then I looked again. I mean, you can't deny it." McVane has since renamed the turtle "Mary" and its tank mate "Joseph."
    ABC News
  • Religon

    This frying pan belonged to an Australian man before bought it for $80. Some people say they see the likeness of Christ in the leftover burned mustard.
  • Religon

    A Wisconsin woman saw this image in a stump she'd planned to use for firewood. bought it for $99. She said she saw the image of the Virgin Mary, complete with halo, in the wood.