3 Quick Steps to Secure Your Facebook Profile

The social network is giving its 1.3 billion users a privacy check-up.

— -- Facebook's 1.3 billion users are getting a privacy tune-up.

In the coming days, users will be given the option for a quick and painless three-step check-up to make sure their privacy settings are exactly where they want them to be.

The entire process should just take a minute or two, according to Paddy Underwood, a Facebook product manager.

A friendly blue dinosaur will guide people through three steps. The first will review who can see their posts, the second will address which apps they use and the third step will deal with who has access to information on their profile, such as photos, birthdays and phone numbers.

The changes are expected to help users better understand who can see their information and prevent "over-sharing" to a public audience.

"We know you come to Facebook to connect with friends, not with us. But we also know how important it is to be in control of what you share and who you share with," Underwood wrote in a blog post.

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