Galaxy Gear Review: The Next Big Thing Is Not Here

Is Samsung's new watch really that much smarter than the one on your wrist?

Oct. 7, 2013 — -- There are two reasons you might be wearing a watch right now. The first is obvious -- to tell time. The second? Because it looks good.

I've long worn a larger men's-style watch, but the Gear's rectangular screen doesn't form to your wrist and fits more like a medical or tracking device than a piece of jewelry or an accessory. While the Pebble smartwatch has a similar tech look, it conforms much more nicely to your arm.

The same goes for the voice control. In my office, the watch could convert my speech to a text message fairly accurately, but in a cab when I tried to say "this is a piece of crap" it sent the message as "this is a pizza map." The Moto X's touchless controls and Google Glass's voice recognition have been far more accurate in my testing.