Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids Is Just for the Children

The Galaxy Tab 3 Kids will debut in South Korea in September.

Aug. 27, 2013— -- Samsung's Galaxy Tab 3 tablet might come in three models already but now the company is adding one more version for its youngest customers -- the Galaxy Tab 3 Kids.

"We saw an opportunity to create a device for kids that provides them with an intuitive, fun and kid-friendly user-experience," JK Shin, the CEO of Samsung Electronics, said in a statement. "Filled with rich, interactive and educational content that parents will love."

The Galaxy Tab 3 Kids looks like the baby of a Samsung phone and a Fisher Price toy. In addition to the primary color scheme that would be at home in an elementary school classroom, Samsung also made an easy-to-hold kids' case and stylus.

In terms of technical specs, the device has an 7-inch screen and will run Android 4.1, or Jelly Bean. The front and rear facing cameras are considerably lower in quality than its previous products, down to 3-megapixels and 1.3-megapixels respectively. Then again, kids probably don't feel the need to take selfies. At least not at that age.

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While it's a tablet meant for kids, mom and dad still have the ultimate say. The tablet comes with parental control settings as well as a timer. When time runs out, parents can input a passcode that will extend their kids time with the tablet.

The Tab 3 Kids, of course, isn't the only children's tablet available. The $179 Nabi 2 Android tablet is aimed at kids and is sold at retailers including Target and Walmart. And Toys R Us has even released its own tablet for kids.

However, many parents have stuck with "adult" tablets, including the Kindle Fire HD, Nexus 7 and iPad for their kids. With the Kindle Fire HD and the Nexus 7, Amazon and Google, respectively, have added children-friendly features, including parental controls and different user accounts. During the holiday season, Nielsen reported that kids aged 6-12 were more interested in the iPad than any other consumer electronics and gaming device.

Samsung's device will join those others soon. It will debut in Korea in early September and eventually roll out to other countries, including the United States. Though no price was announced, Samsung's current Galaxy Tabs start at $199.99.