Skype Boss Reveals Secrets to Nailing the Perfect Virtual Interview

Skype's general manager reveals her tips for a successful virtual meeting.

— -- As the general manager of Skype, Angie Hill practices what she preaches, balancing her life as an executive and mother by conducting much of her daily business on the video conferencing platform.

That also means she has seen her share of Skype fails -- that little faux pas that makes a job interview or a meeting seem less than professional.

"I'll see open closets and things hanging out," she told ABC News. "I still feel like, 'Shut the closet!'"

Hill recently filled Skype's head of social media position with a candidate she said she only interviewed through Skype. It wasn't until his first day in their California office was able to physically shake his hand and welcome him to the team.

With plenty of college students graduating this month and looking for their first job, perhaps out of state, Hill shared a few of her tips for how to ace a Skype interview.

Set the Stage

Just because you're in your apartment, parents' house or in a private room at the library, remember to treat the event with the same level of importance as you would an in person meeting. At minimum, Hill said it's important to set up your shot and make sure there's nothing embarrassing in the background.

"If you have a pretty vase in the house, set it behind you," she said. "Lighting is important too. You can be on Skype and if you have a super bright background, they might not see you and your expressions."

Test Your Technology

"One of the benefits of Skype is it takes away the stress of finding the location of the interview," Hill said. "But it can also be equally intimidating if you don't know how to use the tool."

She recommends doing a test Skype before an interview with a friend or family member to make sure your technology is working flawlessly and to get reassurance from the other person that your shot looks good.

Move the Box Showing Yourself

We all look at ourselves when using Skype -- whether to admire are appearance, change our expressions or fix our hair. It's second nature and fine when chatting with your best friend, but in an interview, it can come off as showing a lack of eye contact.

"It is probably the hardest thing, to not want to look at yourself but rather the camera," Hill said.

The solution: Move the box from the bottom right corner to an area directly under the camera. You'll still be looking at yourself but will also be giving your interviewer better eye contact.

First Impressions Count

Don't forget - Skype interviews are the real deal.

"First impressions still count so make sure you've done your hair and makeup and treat it like an interview." Hill said. "And remember to smile!"