'Dude, This Is Amazing!' See the Space Station From Inside a Water Bubble

Astronauts took cool shots with a GoPro inside a floating water bubble in space.

"Dude, this is amazing!" a voice aboard the station can be heard exclaiming. "Look at that! Whoa! Holy smokes! Oh, my gosh!"

The GoPro footage stays clear -- but freaky -- even when astronauts play around with the bubble by squeezing and pulling on it.

"That is absolutely fascinating," one crew member says.

The video is one of two that NASA so far has uploaded to help it analyze the sharpness and strength of 3-D cameras in space against obstacles, the agency said. The other one features a tour of the International Space Center.

"We're testing them for use in recording data," said Tracy McMahan, a public affairs officer for NASA Marshall Space Flight Center. "We're testing how capable, how sturdy these are."