TechBytes: Google's Digital Wallet

Mobile payment system to begin limited trial this summer.

May 27, 2011 — -- The Google Wallet will begin a limited trial this summer as an app that lets you use your smartphone as a credit card. Eventually, it'll contain all your cards . . . and maybe even your car keys.

Going Gaga Over Lady Gaga

Amazon's Lady Gaga download deal worked this time. The online retailer first offered her latest album for 99 cents Monday, but so many people tried to download it that the servers crashed. There were no problems Thursday.

Xperia Play

There are phones for music lovers. There will soon be phones for shoppers. There's now also one for serious gamers. USA Today's Ed Baig says the Xperia Play combines a Sony PlayStation with a cellphone.

"It's an Android phone, a little bit heavier and bigger than the typical Android phone because it's got those gamepad controls there," he said. "But it should appeal to serious gamers. For the rest of us, it's a decent device but there are a lot of other nice choices out there."

The Xperia costs $200 with a service plan and $450 without.