TechBytes: New iPhone Privacy Concerns

Researchers suggest Apple could be tracking you.

ByABC News
April 21, 2011, 12:41 PM

April 21, 2011— -- In today's TechBytes, new privacy concerns have risen about the iPhone and iPad. Two researchers have discovered a secret file on the devices that tracks where they have been based on GPS data, and when they were there. That means the information could be available to anyone who can access the gadgets. But there's no evidence this information is being shared.

Kindle Library Lending

Owners of Amazon's Kindle will soon be able to borrow e-books from the library. They'll be available from 11,000 libraries later this year and will work on all Kindle devices and Kindle reading apps. Most books will be available for three weeks at a time.


Baseball pitchers don't have to worry about losing their jobs to robots anytime soon. A robot designed by engineers at the University of Pennsylvania threw out the first pitch at Wednesday's Phillies game. But the pitch bounced short of home plate. Philadelphia fans, who are infamous for booing Santa, went ahead and booed the robot.