New Tesla Model S Features 'Autopilot' and Supercar-Like Acceleration

A new model with face-melting acceleration and hi-tech safety features.

— -- It's not quite the self-driving car that Tesla fans were hoping for, but the company's new souped-up autopilot system is pretty close.

That means a car so smart that it can safely navigate between lanes with a simple press of a turn signal, sense pedestrians, adhere to speed limit signs and even pull into a spot in a parking garage.

While it may seem tempting, Musk said drivers can't safely drift to sleep on their journey.

Musk hinted in an unintentionally hilarious tweet last week that it was "about time to unveil the D and something else," causing the Internet's imagination to run wild.

It turns out the D stands for dual motor, with engines in the front and back powering both sets of wheels, giving the car even more control.

"You'll be able to choose three settings, which is normal, sport and insane," Musk joked.

Buyers can begin receiving the P85D in December. The other dual motor model S sedans, the 60D and 85D, are expected to hit the road early next year.