Thanksgiving in Space: NASA Reveals What's on Astronauts' Menu

Irradiated smoked turkey, anyone?

The group, which includes two Americans, will be treated to all of the Thanksgiving staples, with a few necessary tweaks for their home orbiting 260 miles above Earth.

While Americans back on Earth deep fry or wait for their birds to roast in the oven, the astronauts will be treated to a main course of irradiated smoked turkey.

Also on the menu: Thermostabilizaed candied yams, freeze-dried green beans and mushrooms. The astronauts will also dine on NASA's freeze-dried cornbread dressing, which requires one simple step to cook: Just add water.

Of course, it wouldn't be a proper Thanksgiving feast without dessert. The astronauts will be treated to thermostabilized cherry-blueberry cobbler, according to NASA.

All of that sounds like enough for a nice post-Thanksgiving feast nap -- in zero G, of course.