Life Inside the Emperors Club

One client took his Emperors Club date to Europe -- for $25,000.


March 12, 2008 — -- With Eliot Spitzer's career and reputation sizzling on the grill, at least nine other rich -- and likely powerful -- men have already begun to sweat.

The federal complaint that describes the sexual and financial history of Client 9, otherwise known as Spitzer, also gives tantalizing details about the nine other men caught in the same net.

Spitzer, who may have spent as much as $80,000 on the call girls according to some accounts, announced his resignation today.

Judging by the complaint, each of the clients were wealthy, traveled a great deal, liked to meet the women while on the road and were willing to pay a lot of money for time with a beautiful woman.

While the complaint does not identify the men or their professions, it has to be giving a great deal of heartburn as the prostitution case makes its way through the legal process and the media pry out details.

The court papers provide an inside view of the exclusive world of the Emperors Club, its customers and its employees.

One man asked that a woman be flown from Los Angeles to Chicago for an evening, while another requested one of the high-priced prostitutes to be flown from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

One apparently lusty client had the Emperors pimps scrambling Feb. 2 because he was looking for "three girls, possibly four, for four hours each."

Those guys were cheapskates, however, compared with Client 7, who was quoted a price of $25,000 to have a woman join him in Vienna.

Client 7 "has enough credit that they can take their time this evening and tomorrow morning," wrote one of the Emperors Club's pimps, who was caught by the feds text messaging another club manager. "She ... doesn't necessarily have to race out @ 9 a.m."

Aveline, who made the Vienna rendezvous, was one of more than 50 women whom the club allegedly had available to its high rollers in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Paris and London.

Hooking was often a sideline for the women and they sometimes asked for shorter assignments because they were answering casting calls the next day.

One griped that she wasn't being paid enough. "This is the kind of money I make very easily in photo shoots," she complained in an e-mail to the club's managers.

The men who hired the women were generally wowed. Client 4 told the agency he was delighted with his last two dates. "Two A+s in a row ... I don't know where you get these young ladies."

The club also took steps to calm nervous customers about being caught.

When Client 4 fretted about getting the bill for the night "past my accountant and auditor as a business expense," the club assured him that the bill is paid to QAT Consulting, which he claimed was a genuine business.

And there were the ring's marketing innovations, including a $2,000 introductory offer for a first-time customer, a buyout clause that allowed a man to deal directly with the prostitute and skip the Emperors Club or long-term rates of $35,000 for two full days and $50,000 for three days.

Life inside the Emperors Club wasn't without strife, however. The managers apparently had to deal with problems from the clients as well as the women. Like the client who harrumphed that his date was "more sex than sexy."

According to the complaint, the women could also be difficult. One was let go because she was suspected of using drugs. Another got in trouble for cutting out of an appointment after only 40 minutes because she had to pick up her children from school.

Rookies were a problem. The Emperors Club bosses were heard in a phone call complaining that a new employee named Felana was "clueless. ... We don't even know if we can charge $1,200 [let alone] $5,000."

The club even warned Felana's customer that he would be her first customer and "what your expectations are might not be fulfilled." The customer was undaunted. "Sounds great to me," he answered.

Recruiting was apparently a constant challenge. One prospect turned the club down by e-mail after consulting with a girlfriend who was working for it.

"I was a little bit shock and confuse that she had a sex with him twice in an hour and without him taking her out to dinner before, so I am very sorry I don't think this is my kind of thing," she wrote in a message cited in the complaint.

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