Funnies: Bill Clinton or Bob Barker?

A look at the best in late night political comedy.

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July 8, 2007 — -- A roundup of the late-night comics.

Stephen Colbert: Not a Democrat, not a Republican? [New York] Mayor [Michael] Bloomberg, how can I launch partisan attacks at you if you don't have any partisans?

Craig Ferguson: Can you tell us why you commuted Scooter Libby's sentence?

Bush impersonator: It's a mercy thing Ferg-alopoulos. How's a guy named Scooter supposed to survive in prison?

Craig Ferguson: There was a mix up yesterday at the Hillary Clinton rally in Iowa. Bill Clinton showed up -- this is true: Bill Clinton showed up and people started screaming and stuff because they thought it was Bob Barker. It is true.

Jennifer Lange: A federal court ruled the White House must release suspected al Qaeda agent Ali Al-Mari. Al-Mari says he just wants to put all of this behind him and return to flight school.

Jon Stewart: Mainly, the Web is a place to see candidates in scripted unscripted moments -- like this one between Mitt Romney and his wife.

[shows Web video of Romneys]

Ann Romney: He's always got jokes, but they're not very funny.

Mitt Romney [laughing]: I think they are.

Ann Romney: Oh no, they're not.

Stewart: Oh wifey, there you go again, softening my awkward public persona.

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