The Dalai Lama -- Sept. 11, 2005

A weekly feature on This Week.


Our voice this week, the Dalai Lama. As we continue to recover from Hurricane Katrina, the spiritual leader for Buddhists all over the world has come here to offer Americans words of healing and compassion. Ten thousand people are expected in Sun Valley to hear the Dalai Lama's speech today, which will be broadcast worldwide.

The Dalai Lama: "When we are passing through a really difficult period, it is very important to try to keep calm, cool. Sometimes on the top of sadness, sometimes frustrations, anger... So try to keep your mind calm, and then, then most important, should not lose hope and optimism. That's important. We must keep our determination, our self confidence and look at more wider perspective. I think worldwide response, I think this is a sign of, I think, human compassion, human sense of concern. It's, I think good, in difficult experiences, as humans, I believe, become ... more compassionate, at least when another human brother or sister is passing through difficulties. In our blood the seed of compassion is there, because we are a social animal. ... One individual, above individual. His or her success, or happy life entirely depends on others. There is saying in Tibetan "Tragedy should be utilized as a source of strength." I think, generally, where there's challenge we have the capacity to combat that challenge, I think, instead of sad or hopeless pessimism. When challenge is there, we must keep our determination, we must welcome that. That's important."


"The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno:

"This is very exciting -- you may have heard it today -- President Bush announced a plan to put a man on Mars. ... It's the head of FEMA."

"Weekends at the D.L":

"President Bush said he will lead an investigation into what went wrong. Isn't that like O.J. saying he's going to find the real killers?"

"The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart:

Stewart: "So no one's going to be held accountable for any of this?

Ed Helms: "Ah-no. In fact, if history is any indication they will be hard-pressed finding enough medals to pin on these guys. My sources tell me that the head of FEMA may actually be dipped in bronze and turned into an award which will then be given to other officials."

"Weekends at the D.L.":

"Then when President Bush finally visited the disaster area, he called attention to Sen. Trent Lott who lost a home in Katrina. He said he hopes that it would be rebuilt soon. Can somebody tell the president that you're not homeless if you only lose one of your nine homes? We should worry a little more about who's homeless and a little less at who is vacation homeless is what I'm saying."

"The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno:

"Folks as you know, school has started and this means it's time to take our annual look at some popular back-to-school products. This is a good way for your kids to learn about decimals and numbers, this is the gas price flashcards! See here's how it works. Each day as the school bus goes by, the kid learns a new number. You see, oh it's $3.27 ... $3.57 ... $3.67 ... ."