Conservative Arizona Senate candidate says White House immigration plan would amount to 'amnesty'

Martha Raddatz interviews Arizona GOP Senate candidate for "This Week."

— -- A conservative candidate for the U.S. Senate in Arizona has come out against a new White House proposal on immigration, saying that giving permanent legal status to "Dreamers" before building a southern border wall would amount to “amnesty.”

“I understand and I appreciate why President Trump wants to get a deal done, I do,” Ward told Raddatz on Thursday night in Arizona. “But he was elected largely on this issue and I know that if he stands firm on what he campaigned on, which is securing the border and not granting amnesty … if he stands firm on that, I am confident that we will get the reform that we need, and won’t plant the seeds for problems with immigration in the future.”

“I’m disappointed in the White House’s proposal because I want – I want to stand firm on what the American citizens were sold on the campaign trail, which is a secure border,” Ward added.

Ward says “Dreamers” should only be given temporary status until a five-step plan is completed, including funding and building the border wall, eliminating family-based migration, also known as “chain migration,” ending the diversity visa-lottery system, withholding funding from so-called "sanctuary cities," and implementing a mandatory e-verify employment check system.

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