24-Hour Hotel Stays Trend for Upscale Hotels

Think of it as the opposite of the No-Tell Motel.

June 9, 2014— -- Think of it as the opposite of the No-Tell Motel. There you rent by the hour, but at a few upscale properties, you get your room for an entire day.

It's the 24-hour hotel room and it's slowly gaining popularity. Most recently, the Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte introduced the Stay & Play 24 package. Starting next month, the hotel will offer guests the opportunity for a 24-hour hotel stay every night of the week, depending on availability. The hotel had previously tested the program on Saturdays only.

From a traveler's perspective, there's much to like. A check in and check out time that's on your terms, not the hotels, and several more hours to explore the property or the destination. Barbara DeLollis, hotel expert and founder of Travel Update with Barb DeLollis said she sees this type of offer most appealing to locals. She mentioned "empty nesters or families who want a quick getaway and want value for their money. Business travelers' schedules typically mesh with the traditional check-in/check-out hours."

And though DeLollis didn't see the trend catching on just yet, Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte isn't the only hotel with a 24-hour offer.

In Phoenix, The Clarendon Hotel and Spa touts it's offer on the homepage. "Relax+Enjoy: No fees for early check-in or late check-out. No matter what time you check in, you get a full 24-hours!"

In Beverly Hills, the Peninsula Hotel offers a 24-hour check in - check-out policy. And at the luxury Capella Hotels and Resorts, there's a flexible check in, check out policy. That means that the guest's stay begins when they arrive at the hotel, and ends when they leave. So if a guest arrives at 6 a.m. that's the check in time. A pre-arrival call is conducted and there's no charge for checking out late -- meaning a stay could be longer than 24 hours. There's only one Capella in the U.S., in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, D.C.

DeLollis warns that although 24-hour-stays are loved by travelers, they could turn into a logistical nightmare for hoteliers. She cited scheduling housekeeping as one of the most significant challenges.

It could be those challenges that prompted Palms Las Vegas to quietly do away with its own 24-hour room offer announced in March. "We think this is a benefit many of our guests will appreciate and certainly enjoy," said Daniel R. Lee, CEO of Palms Casino Resort at the time of the announcement.

But don't count Palms out completely on the 24-hour hotel trend. A spokesperson told ABC News "It was a great promotional opportunity and with any initiative, we are currently assessing the results."