Fabulous Couples Tour Revisits Iconic Film Sites

PHOTO: VeryFirstTo.com has launched a lavish tour of some of the worlds most memorable and breathtaking sites from legendary film scenes.VeryFirstTo
VeryFirstTo.com has launched a lavish tour of some of the world's most memorable and breathtaking sites from legendary film scenes.

If you've ever sat inside a movie theater enraptured by the dramatic vistas before you and thought, "Man, I'd like to visit those places someday," now it's possible.

A new luxury vacation experience marries two passions: love of cinema and travel. The World's Best Film Locations Tour, offered exclusively by VeryFirstTo, allows couples the chance to visit 20 of the most iconic film sites in 10 countries over the course of three months, almost the same amount of time it takes to shoot a movie.

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"When travelers get to each location they will have a guide who will provide them with insights and context in their preferred language," said Amar Thapen, a spokesperson for VeryFirstTo. "In many locations, they will be welcome to act out iconic scenes."

From the rugged landscape of Glencoe in Scotland ("Braveheart") to the romantic Trevi Fountain in Italy ("La Dolce Vita") to the Wudang Monastery in China ("Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon"), couples can customize the trip around the destinations that most appeal to them.

"From prison to deli, jewelry shop to palace to huge expanses of natural beauty, each place is iconic in its own way and we are delighted to be able to weave each of these locations in one uber luxurious trip," said Marcel Knobil, founder of Superbrands, Cool Brandleaders and VeryFirstTo.

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In between sights, travelers will enjoy plush accommodations, such as Hotel Bel Air in Los Angeles and the Mandarin Oriental in Tokyo. They will also fly business class whenever available.

But living out one's fantasies comes at a price: The extravagant tour costs a little more than $315,000. Of that, $1,593 will be donated to the Prince's Trust, a youth charity in the UK.