Who's Your Fantasy Flight Attendant?

PHOTO: American actress Marilyn Monroe circa 1950.Getty Images
American actress Marilyn Monroe circa 1950.

There was a time when good looks and maybe a little sex appeal were job requirements for flight attendants. Actually, one Asian airline recently advertised for young female flight attendants "aged 25 and under; at least 5 feet, 3 inches tall; proportionate in their height and weight; and do not wear dental braces," so in some parts of the world, at least, it still is.

But alas, that's not the case for most major airlines. That's ok. Safety first, right? But you can still dream. American Airlines recently surveyed 1000 people in the U.K. to find out which man and woman came out on top. The winners? Not Kate Middleton or Price Harry.

Two lovely ladies from the golden era of film took the top spots: Marilyn Monroe was selected as the first-choice fantasy flight attendant with 22 percent of the overall vote. Audrey Hepburn was second choice with 20 percent.

When it came to modern-day stars, Jennifer Aniston took the top spot with just over 18 percent of the vote and narrowly edging out everyone's famous mum-to-be, Kate Middleton (17.1 percent). Classic Kate was a more popular choice than Angelina Jolie (14.7 percent) and her own sister, Pippa (11 percent). That should make for an awkward holiday season. But Pippa shouldn't feel too bad -- she tied with Beyonce.

As for the guys? George Clooney, of course. He led Prince Harry 22.5 percent to 21.4 percent. And he blew President Obama, Leonardo DiCaprio and Henry Cavill out of the sky.

The airline conducted the survey to promote American's brand new B777-300ER aircraft on the route from London (Heathrow) to Hollywood (LAX), launched this week.

Readers, who is your fantasy flight attendant? Tell us in the comments below.