JetBlue Latest Airline to Deliver Bags

PHOTO: Passengers on a Jet Blue Airways flightRobert Nickelsberg/Getty Images
Passengers on a Jet Blue Airways flight disembark at the Long Beach, Calif. airport, Dec. 4, 2012.

JetBlue is the latest airline to team up with a bag-delivery service to bring your checked bags from the airport to your final destination.

Customers can place an order online for the Bags VIP service up to an hour prior to departure from all JetBlue domestic airports, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and select pre-cleared international airports arriving into Boston, Orlando and New York's JFK airport.

One bag will cost $25; two bags, $35; and three to 10 bags, $40 for bags delivered to within 40 miles of the airport. Delivery 41 to 100 miles is an additional $1 per mile. There is no delivery beyond 100 miles.

Any fees for checked bags are separate.

Customers will receive an email with a confirmation number after the order has been finalized. Next, the customer checks his or her baggage upon arrival at the airport. A JetBlue crew member will apply a Bags VIP tag to identify the luggage.

At the final destination, the customer can bypass baggage claim. Their bags will be retrieved directly from baggage claim by a Bags VIP representative using the applied tag and customer provided information. Delivery will take place within four hours of flight arrival to locations within 40 miles of the airport and within six hours to locations 41 to 100 miles from the airport.

Residential delivery times can also be scheduled in advance to accommodate the customer's need.

American Airlines was the first airline to offer a baggage delivery service when it teamed up with Bags VIP last year. United followed suit a few months later.

US Airways teamed up with Bags VIP last month.

But JetBlue is the only one of these airlines that doesn't charge for the first checked bag, bringing down the total cost of the service.

For travelers not flying on an airline that offers bag delivery, two luggage-shipping services will do it for you, plus pick up the bags at your home or hotel in the first place, which means no schlepping them to the airport. LugLess and Luggage Forward will pick up and deliver your bags for as little as $50.