The Ultimate Luxury: A Private Island That Floats

Who needs a yacht when you can have a floating island?

— -- Those in search of the perfect private island home need to look no further than Kokomo Ailand.

No more being stuck in one spot. This private island floats.

The "portable private island" design is the concept of Migaloo Privare Submersible Yachts.

The island - which will feature a penthouse, jungle deck with waterfall and an alfresco dining area - would be the first in the world to run on its own power, according to the company.

The penthouse is accessed by an 80-meter elevator. There's also a glass-bottom Jacuzzi and a "beach club" with a gym.

Travelers will find all the amenities that they would expect on a land-based tropical getaway - a bar, spa and infinity pools. The inclusion of vertical gardens, palm trees and even a shark-feeding station "add more natural elements to the nautical island," according to the company.