Dried Fish, Bag of Diamonds Among Weird Items Left on Planes

PHOTO: glass eye, travelGetty Images/Flickr RF
A glass eye is just one surprising item left behind on planes.

What's the last thing you left on a plane? Hopefully it was something along the lines of a magazine you hadn't finished reading rather than your brand-new iPad mini.

Leaving behind something you really care about, like your glass eye or pet parrot, is a major bummer.

Wait, what?

Those are just two of the items left behind by airplane passengers, according to a new survey of 700 cabin crew members across 83 countries by travel web site Skyscanner.com. The list is possibly even weirder than the oddball items left behind at hotels. That list included breast implants and a kitten, FYI.

7 Items Left Behind On A Plane
SLIDESHOW: 7 Items Left Behind On A Plane

But back to the airplanes. Someone left her wedding dress behind. Let's hope it was post, rather than pre, wedding. And along those same lines, one crew member found a written marriage proposal. Intended recipient? Unclear.

Under the category of icky, there was the box of dried fish one passenger left behind. Under the category of awesome, there was the bag of diamonds.

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Then there's the underwear. Yes, underwear.

And what about those smaller, less bizarre items? They get left behind too. Almost a quarter of the crew surveyed have found a lost passport, which is even higher than the number of phones (23 percent) and books (21 percent) left behind.