11-year-old boy gives flowers to King Soopers employees

"People are taking action, and that's awesome."

March 26, 2021, 3:36 PM

The day after the mass shooting at a King Soopers in Boulder, Colorado, Jody Witmer had to explain to her 11-year-old son, JJ, that a gunman had killed 10 people, including three employees.

JJ said he felt incredibly sad for the victims and couldn't imagine how King Soopers workers across the state were feeling having to return to work the next day.

To brighten their day, JJ asked his mother if they could distribute flowers at supermarket locations in Brighton, where they live and which is about 30 miles from Boulder, and in Commerce City. Witmer said she wasn't surprised given how often JJ spends time volunteering to help neighbors with chores such as putting out their trash.

11-year-old JJ Witmer handing out flowers to King Soopers employees at the scene of this weeks fatal shootings
With money he made as a dog walker, JJ Witmer bought dozens of flowers for King Soopers employees
Jody Witmer

A florist at the Brighton King Soopers offered JJ a discount to purchase dozens of flowers, which he spent about 45 minutes sharing with every employee at the store, telling him that he appreciated their hard work. They shared hugs and smiles, and some of the employees teared up.

Jody and JJ then went to the Commerce City store, at which they're regulars and know many of the workers.

Another shopper stopped JJ and said, "I'm embarrassed to share this, but I just cried listening to you. My wife is a manager of a King Soopers, and this touches me a lot today." JJ handed that man a flower as well.

When they got home, Witmer said JJ was happy to have helped dozens of employees that day. She shared their story on Facebook in the hopes it would inspire others to do help spread kindness during difficult times.

"People are taking action," she said, "and that's awesome."

JJ went to two King Soopers locations in Brighton and Commerce City to share flowers with employees
JJ went to two King Soopers locations in Brighton and Commerce City to share flowers with employees
Jody Witmer
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